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Why We're Better

We have looked almost everywhere for content. We say almost because we're still actively searching. We have purchased the collections of several major collectors, traded with many others and still look for more sources. It's tough because of the different methods used for labeling radio episodes. We have standardized our naming to make it easier to find items and to compare with other collectors.

We think we have selected the best naming convention for our purposes. See the following example.


400221 ---- the episode date (if known) - YYMMDD year/month/day

0005 ---- the episode number (if known)

LOCOMOTIVE CREW FREED.MP3 ---- name of episode

We connect to the Internet using 2 T3s - this is equivalent to 56 T1s. Nobody has a faster connection for OTR.
What this means is that you can get what you want when you want it as fast as your ISP will let you download it! We will not be bogged down because of limited bandwidth on our end.

We are very proud of what we have put together. We hope you enjoy our site and that we can help you with your collection.


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