www.greatotr.com Sign up Instructions



1.) Click on “Sign-up or renew FTP ACCESS”

2.) Click on the link toward the bottom to sign up for a new account.

3.) Choose and enter a username and your email address, this is where your password will be mailed.

4.) Check email to get password for your greatotr account.

5.) Click on the link to purchase credits “here”.

6.) Choose your payment option, PayPal or Prepaid Card number.

7.) Once you have download credits on your account, go to the homepage at www.greatotr.com and click on OTR file list and choose what section you would like to download from.

8.) This will take you to the page with those shows listed.  Click on the show you want, then the next page you come to will have the episodes for that show listed.  Click on the episode you want to download.